Our Story

Our professional endeavors have been fueled by the drive to preserve and steward the environment while sustaining a preeminent quality of life.

What’s In a Name


Our leadership team grew up in the Pacific Northwest under blue skies and among beautiful mountains and streams.  Syringa is the state flower of Idaho, the home state of the founders of Syringa Energy.  It symbolizes the healthy vibrancy of nature.  It is also representative of the cycle of a flower’s growth from seed to full bloom back to seed only to flourish again each year, much like the energy in waste is captured, converted and repurposed into renewable energy to be used again throughout its lifecycle.

Featured Projects

Engagement in numerous waste-to-energy projects gives Syringa’s leadership a unique strength and adept for navigating the nuances of the renewable energy market to provide enhanced solutions to stakeholders.  Highlighted below are some of the projects we’ve managed over the years.

Ada County Landfill converting landfill gas to renewable natural gas in 2023 | ktvb.com

Kerman dairy farm turning methane into electricity, stopping greenhouse gases – ABC30 Fresno

Click here to view a more extensive list of biogas projects happening across the United States.

hand under leaf and sun

Mission and Commitment

Syringa Energy is built around the following core values